5th Graders

Future Falcon Band Members!

If you have chosen band as your elective next year, congratulations!  We are very excited to meet you all.  The directors are coming to the elementary schools after STAAR testing so that you can try out all the instruments we have to offer!  At that time, you will choose your favorite three.  A letter will be mailed to your home in the month of June informing you of which instrument you will be playing next year!  Instrument selections are based upon our professional opinion, physical characteristics, natural abilities, and your preferences.
If you have not chosen band as your elective next year, it’s not too late to join!  Try some instruments when the directors come to your school and contact the Four Points Middle School Counselor, Tonja Wienck at:

Did you know?

The Four Points Middle Band is comprised of about 50% of the school’s overall student body. Currently, more than 70% of FPMS 6th Graders are in band.
Here is some general information about the band program that might help answer some of your questions:
–  No prior musical experience is necessary.
–  There are no outside of school commitments in 6th grade.
–  Students can be in band AND athletics, dance, and cheer.
–  There are 2-3 concerts a year and a solo contest in the spring.
–  Classes meet daily and are grouped by like instruments.

Fun BAND Facts!

1.  96% of our nation’s astronauts performed in the fine arts during their school years, including Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.  Mr. Armstrong was a talented euphonium player in middle and high school band.
2.  National Association of Secondary School Principals reports 66% of all college freshmen drop out after the 1st year.  In contrast, 96% of band students graduate from Universities.
3.   American Medical Association states that the #1 admittance to medical schools are students that majored in music as undergraduates.  Pre-med majors are #2.
4.  It is a fact that music students represent the top of the academic scale in our schools.  We know they are averaging 68 points higher on SAT exams.
5.  Admission criteria into most major universities put at the top of the list, commitment through the senior year to an extra-curricular activity.