Hello FPMS Band Families!

This summer, there are some wonderful music making opportunities for your child that are offered through area universities. A summer band camp is a fantastic way to continue your child growing and learning in music in those summer months.

Attached you will find the flyer that contain information about the dates of these camps as well as hyperlinks to the websites that you can sign up through. The first University Camp that will go online is the University of Texas at Austin (Mrs. Gonzales works at this camp). Because there is a cap on the number admitted for each instrument and enrollment is first come, first served, it is really important that you sign up in a timely manner if your student is interested in attending this camp. Last year, all the percussion spots filled in 30 minutes! The online enrollment for the University of Texas Longhorn Music Camp begins at 9 AM on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1st.

Recommended Camps and Dates:

University of Texas June 9-15 or June 16-22 (Mrs. G works the 2nd week)

Baylor University June 23-29

Texas Tech University July 7-13

Texas State University June (dates TBA)

These university sponsored camps are not the only ones that are offered throughout the summer: there are many independent day camps that offer extension learning through instrument specific work:

Austin Brass Academy (All brass: Mr Teti works here!)
Floot Fire (flutes)
Clarinet Pro Workshops (clarinets)
Ratamacamp (percussion)
Bocal Majority (Oboes and Bassoons)
Tuepha Camp (Tubas and Euphoniums)
Austin Saxophone Academy (saxophones)

We will send out information from these camps as we receive them so you can look into the costs and specifics of each of the private camps as well. Many times these are the more affordable options 🙂