The relationship between plants and sunlight is similar to our private lesson faculty and program. The private lesson staff is vetted and comprised of instrumental experts that specialize in performing and teaching their instrument. Private lessons provide face-to-face instruction to students, and allow the student to explore the idiosyncrasies of their specific instrument with personalized guidance from an expert.

For questions about lessons or lesson enrollment, please contact Jonathan Villela.


2017-2018 Private Lesson Staff


Rachel Lopez –

Cheryl Floyd –

Ann Kjerulf Knien –

Rachel Kaplan –

Nick Goodwin –


Amy Burgus –


Julia Littleton –

Clarinet & Bass Clarinet

Julie Linder –

Gary Meyer –

Tyler McElhinney –

Jen Barnes –

Alto, Tenor and Bari Saxophones

Elizabeth Rosinbum –

Ben Kessler –




Gilbert Elorreaga –

Kyle Koronka –

Jeffrey Salinas –


Brett Kroening –


Sterling Tanner –

Manny Arredondo –

Evan Williams –

Tony Wise –

Euphonium and Tuba

Brett Blackstone –

Daniel Frost –


Dave Reyes –

Tristan Boyd –

Tim Shuster –