Dear Beginning Band Parents,

We are very excited about the progress of our 6th grade beginning band! These students are doing a wonderful job and we can’t wait to show them off. Our Winter Concert on December 13th will be a special night for all, including YOU, the parents!

Each year since FPMS opened, we have had a fun tradition that our beginning band students teach their parents to play “Jingle Bells.” We then feature these enthusiastic and brave parents at our Winter Concert each year.

Allowing your child to teach you to play five simple notes will serve many positive purposes:

• Your child becomes the teacher and has to think through all the elements of playing their instrument

• This reinforces basic playing skills and improves performance skills

• It will give you quality time with them and an insight on how to evaluate your child’s performance and progress as time goes on.

This part of the concert is a lot of FUN and is not anything to feel stressed or worried about. You will be so proud of yourself and your child! There are no solos—we are all in this together and no prior musical knowledge or background is required.

We are so excited to present this concert to you and hope that you all make the wonderful choice to support your child’s learning by letting them teach you to play.

Thank you and see you at the Winter Concert on December 13th at 7 pm!

Jessica Gonzales, Cori Reebenacker, Adrian Teti & Joe Hobbs