We will be having our band pictures during class on Wednesday, October 31st! Today, your student is bringing home their picture order form.

You have a couple of options when ordering pictures: you can order a full class picture only using option E13 on the form or you can opt to have a individual picture of your musician, in their band uniform with their instrument in addition to the group photo with any of the other options on the form.

On October 31st, please send your 6th grade musician to school wearing their concert uniform:
1. Band Shirt
2. Jeans
3. Close toed shoes

For 7th and 8th Grade Musicians, please where your concert black attire.

Thank you so much! This is a special opportunity to memorialize not only your child’s time in band, but also their class that they perform with this year! They also make for great gifts for family in the upcoming holidays.

Jessica, Cori, Adrian and Joe