We’re VERY excited to showcase the students’ hard work throughout the first six weeks of school with our Fall Concert on Thursday, October 11th at the VHS Auditorium! Below you will find the details:

Who: All 7th and 8th grade band students
What: Fall Concert
Where: Vandegrift HS Auditorium
(Concert Band warms up on stage, Symphonic Band warms up in the choir room, Wind Ensemble warms up in the band hall)
When: 6:15 PM call time for warm up; 7:00 PM performance
How: Dressed in concert attire (see below), cases should be left in cars.

Concert Attire
Due to some hang ups in finance and in shipping when ordering our concert attire, your attire may not be ready for our early Fall Concert. In an effort not to add any additional expenses, we are requesting that this concert’s concert attire will be “Sunday Best” or dressy. We do not want you to have to purchase anything additionally, so find something dressy and school appropriate that is already in your possession to wear for this concert. If you already have your concert black and it fits appropriately with no alterations, you may choose to wear it to our Fall Concert. All “concert black attire” will be required at our Picture Day on Oct 31st.

VHS Auditorium
The Auditorium at VHS is located in Building 2. Please park outside building 2 and enter through the glass vesitbule at the base of the stairs. You will walk down the hall, passing the cafeteria on your right and the gyms on your left before you reach the auditorium on the right.

Please remember that all FPMS Band concerts are required curricular events and are a substantial part of your students average in band. Attendance is crucial and required not only for the success of the team, but the success of the individual as band is a performance-based class. Due to the limited seating at the VHS auditorium, the Concert Band students will be excused to leave with their family following their band’s performance.

We can’t wait to show you all the work your students have been up to in class! It’s sure to be a wonderful night of music making.