Hello 8th Grade Families!

Friday night is finally here and we are getting ready and very excited! Here are a few more details for you:

4:05 pm – FPMS Band students will walk to VHS wearing their band shirts and jeans/close-toed shoes. Here we will practice and meet the High School buddies.
5:15 pm – Eat Pizza with the VHS HS band!
6:15 pm – walk to Monroe Stadium for the pre-game! Enjoy the band, the game and friends!
8:00 pm (estimated time of halftime) – Halftime Performance!!
8:30 pm – pick us students at the VHS band hall. We will take ALL MS students back to the VHS band hall to put away their instruments and gather their belongings. You can use the attached map to pick up your student in the pick up lane. If you would like your student to return to the game as you will be there, we will escort them there with all their belongings and they will need to meet you in the stadium.

Please check out the attached map for student pick up at approximately 8:30 pm.

Thanks so much! We are looking forward to a wonderful night!

Jessica, Cori and Adrian